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Classes 2019-2020
We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and are ready to jump back into the new Irish dancing season with us!

Irish Dancing in Barcelona

Bringing Jigs and Reels to Barcelona since 2009!
We enjoy teaching both children and adults, with the aim of not only teaching the art of Irish dance, but to help students reach their full potential in a safe, positive and fun environment.
We offer a wide rage of classes and performance opportunities for all ages. Our teachers all have a long history of dancing and a strong passion for it. During the year, some of the worlds renown dance masters visit us to give workshops.
From September to June, we offer regular classes throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday at different times. In July and August we have summer intensive courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. For those who cannot attend regularly, we tailor short-term courses, intensive workshops, group or private classes.

Registration is now open for the 2019/2020 dance season!
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Discover everything Irish Dance
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Weekly Classes
Hunt for the perfect Dance Camp, fill your days with Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes! Our teachers will guide you through a complete program in soft and heavy shoes.
Intro to Ballet
Get better posture and alignment, beautifully pointed feet, strengthen your arches and go on pointe, increase your flexibility and get a full body workout!

Schedule 2019/2020

Learn Irish dance in Barcelona. Classes for all ages and abilities ;)
Registration is open!
- Continued training from September to the end of June
- You can attend 1, 2, 3 or more classes per week
- Time flexibility: combine classes according to your availability
- Missed classes are recoverable during the same month they are lost
Prices 2019/2020
No registration fee for students enrolled in 2019/2020, except reinstatements after a voluntary resignation.
monthly fee
1 class per week
monthly fee
2 classes per week
monthly fee
3 classes per week
*subtracted from your monthly fee in case of enrollment
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Irish Dance Classes with the Nuala Barcelona Irish Dancers
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Our teachers
With over 27 years of experience in the world of competitive dance, Polina specializes in classes for children. Her teaching methods are both effective and fun.
Our invited Dance Master, former member of the Riverdance, TCRG certified teacher with An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha, co-owner of Sweeney-McAvinchey Academy; Take The Floor and Irish Dance Festival director.
Professional dancer from Russia, her artistic disciplines include: ballroom dancing, traditional Russian folk and classical ballet... she likes sushi and rock'n'roll.
Types of Irish Dances
Irish dance school Barcelona
Basic technique
Fundamentals of Irish dance, strengthening and conditioning exercises focused on achieving better posture and alignment, getting beautifully pointed feet, strengthening your ankles, increasing your flexibility and getting a full body workout.
Pronounced "kay-lee", are social evenings where music, singing and dancing take place. As a form of Irish dance, céilí are group dances, performed in couples or trios in many different formations: lines, squares, circles, 4 to 8 couple sets... to make a long story short: great fun for all, young and old, and also the most welcoming crowd you will ever meet!
Irish ceili dancing Barcelona
Irish soft shoe dancing Barcelona
Soft shoe
A type of Irish solo dancing with soft shoes, the ones with the criss cross laces, also called 'pumps' or 'ghillies'. It is danced high on the toes with feet turned out, arms straight and legs extended. There are many similarities with classical ballet, except the Irish dancers don't 'plie', always keeping their knees pulled up. Natural grace, lightness, gliding and the illusion of flight is a signature of this dance type.
Heavy shoe
Another type of Irish solo dancing, made extremely popular by Riverdance or Lord of the Dance productions. It is performed with heavy shoes, the ones with noisy tips and heels, aso called 'jig shoes'. You start from the very basic 'shuffles' or 'trebles' (not everyone can be Michael Flatley after the first class!) progressing to more complex footwork, faster steps and exciting rhythms.
Irish dance hard shoe


Our Irish dancing studios are located in the neighborhoods of Sants, Montjuïc and Nou Barris. It is easy to reach by metro or bus.
Studio 1

"La Vilella Studio", pg. Exposició, 95
<M> Poble Sec
Studio 2

"La Salamandra", c/Burgos, 55, interior,
<M> Plaça de Sants
Studio 3

"Can Basté", pg. Fabra i Puig, 274-276,
<M> Virrei Amat
If you are unsure what level is right for you, get in touch! We can also help you to create customized dance schedule!
Tel. / Whatsapp: +34 650 17 48 25